“Technology changes exponentially, but organizations change logarithmically.” – Martec Law
Companies are facing an explosion of different technologies that are constantly evolving. Navigating in a constantly changing environment can be complex. New challenges are emerging for the company’s employees: choosing the right technologies, implementing them effectively, training teams, monitoring developments, providing guidelines and adequate support…
How we can help you
We rely on our strong expertise in Social Media Intelligence, E-reputation, Crisis Management and Digital Marketing to advise you on your strategic challenges and support you in the implementation of your operations.

Benchmarking of tools

You would like to choose a new tool for Social Listening, Social Media Management or influencer management? We carry out benchmarks on the different solutions to better understand the market, know the available solutions and identify the relevant tools according to your needs.

Requests for Proposals

You want to set up a call for tenders to select a tool?   We support you throughout the entire bidding process: from the creation of the brief and the definition of your objectives to the selection of the relevant tool, including the demonstration phases and discussions with solution providers.

Implementing the tools

We support the entire implementation phase of a new tool through: a progressive deployment of the tool to ensure the success of the implementation, team training, the set up of guidelines and use cases to promote the harmonization of internal practices, etc.

Social Listening Strategies

To help you implement an effective Social Media Intelligence strategy to meet your challenges, set up relevant studies and analyses as well as internal processes to disseminate information.

Social Media Strategies

Through data analysis, we identify insights and what matters to your audience. We create Social Media strategies based on the lessons learned from these analyses and your objectives. We develop Social Media guidelines for employees.

Finding solutions through data

Our expertise

With more than 10 years of experience, we have a real knowledge of technologies and their evolution to help you take advantage of technologies and add value. We provide data-driven advice to optimize your company’s marketing and communication effectiveness.
  • Social Data – 100%
  • Marketing – 80%
  • Social Media – 85%
  • eSport – 95%

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