Listening to your brand and market on social media can tell you a lot about your business

We help our clients implement an effective Social Media Intelligence strategy to assess their brand perception and their competitors’, better understand their audiences and optimize their actions.

Immerse yourself in a (new) world full of opportunities thanks to Social Data

eSport et Gaming

eSport and gaming are in essence digital. Navigate through digital data to better understand this sector, identify influencers and enhance the value of your teams.

Identify new opportunities

Get relevant consumer insights through the analysis of conversations in your market. Discover new opportunities, optimize your marketing / communication strategy and campaigns with our recommendations based on the results of the analysis.

Understanding your online audience

Discover insights about your target audience through the analysis of their conversations and behaviors to reach them in an effective and authentic way. Go beyond demographics with segmentation based on their interests, professions or affinities.

Supporting the Request for Proposals

Do you want to set up a Social Listening system and choose the right tool for you? Our team accompanies you from the definition of the brief to the implementation of the request for proposals and the selection of the service provider.

(Re)discover Social Media Intelligence

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Look no further. Listen to your market.

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